Croke Park Community Fund

Since it was started in 2009, the goal of Croke Park's community fund is to support local projects that directly benefit our neighbours living in our 1.5km community radius.  The fund support our community and benefits activites, facilities and events in our neighbourhood every day.

With over €950,000 allocated to local groups, resident associations & clubs in the last nine years, the fund is just one of the ways we help our neighbours who are making a positive contribution and lasting difference in our local area.



Before you apply:

Download the 2019 Application Form:

Closing dates for applications in 2019 are as follows:

Project Start Dates
Deadline for Applications
January - March 2019
5pm, Friday, 30 November 2018
April - June 2019
5pm, Friday 15 February 2019
July - September 2019
5pm, Friday, 17 May 2019
October - December 2019
5pm, Friday, 30 August 2019