Information Technology

Croke Park has deployed a Connected Stadium solution based on Cisco Technologies and best practices.

The network infrastructure within the stadium is based on Cisco’s Stadium Vision and is a highly scalable, secure network designed specifically for sports and entertainment venues and brings together all forms of access, communications, entertainment and operations onto a single innovative platform.

The stadium is connected to eircom’s Next Generation Uncongested Network, this connectivity is delivered on a dedicated port, over resilient and diverse fibre routes, into two separate Data Centres within the stadium.

This NGN Network has an international network connecting to Internet Neutral Exchanges (INX) in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and New York - utilising a variety of diverse routes and cables to ensure high resilience and low latency times.

ISDN/PSTN phone lies and video broadcast circuits

The stadium is connected to eircom’s PSTN & NGIN networks over copper and fibre infrastructure. For PSTN access, the stadium has dual diverse 200 pair copper cables connecting into diverse exchanges, delivered into diverse Data Centres within the stadium. Croke Park has capacity to provide up to 400 phone lines with a mix of both ISDN and PSTN services throughout the stadium


Ubiquitous Wi-Fi services are available throughout the stadium; with sufficient capacity within the press and media area to provide over 200 concurrent Wi-Fi Connected users. The stadium is currently in tender for a new HD Wi-Fi solution

Multiple line telephones

The telephony solution is a Cisco Communications Manager 7.1 cluster comprised of 4 x servers, providing redundant services for call processing and then two single server deployments - one for Voicemail and one for Presence. These dual resilient Cisco Communications Managers are located with each of the stadiums Data Centres. Using the Private Line Automatic Ring-down (PLAR) or Hot-dial feature with Cisco Communications Manager capability, the stadium can provide multiple line telephones available for ring-down and point to point communications throughout the stadium.

Cable infrastructure

The stadium cabling infrastructure is based on a Cat 6 Structure Cabling System, with multiple fibre and copper multi-pare intercommunication closet links available for IP access, telephony, ARD services, in-stadium communications and copper access for direct PSTN and ISDN services to be delivered to all parts of the stadium.

The Stadium Structured Cabling System is a flexible copper and fibre infrastructure. There are sufficient cable pathways to connect sidelines to press box, coaching, team video and broadcast areas if additional specialist cabling is required.

Two way radio

Croke Park currently has a capacity to handle 16 digital private channels operating through a digital repeater base that provides a wide area radio communication network throughout the stadium.

 This network has handled up to 350 radios at its peak and can handle up to 500 radios depending on channel allocation and use. All radio frequencies are licensed by the national authority Com Reg.

Cellular coverage

Croke Park has deployed a twelve sector shared Distributed Antenna System that carries all networks and provides the following benefits to the stadium:

  • Support for GSM and 3G mobile traffic. Currently being upgraded to 4G.
  • designed with capacity for future requirements based on known traffic growth trends
  • designed to support all mobile operators requirements in Ireland
  • future expansion requirements built into the design process

System installed is the first of its scale in Ireland and was completed for Croke Park in December 2011