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Croke Park Ticket Scheme

Local residents who register with Croke Park for the stadium's community ticket scheme avail of occasional ticket offers for major concerts and matches. 

Find out more & register online here

Take a look at the FAQs below and any local resident with further queries can contact Croke Park by emailing [email protected] or calling 01 819 2976.

Ticket Draw FAQs

In 2022, 100 pairs of complimentary tickets were made available for each concert night that took place in Croke Park.  
As tickets for the Senior Championship All-Ireland Finals do not go on general sale, 100 pairs of tickets, to purchase, were made available for the GAA All-Ireland Hurling and Football Championship Finals in 2022 & 2023 through the Community Ticket Scheme.
A closing date for registrations along with the date of when ticket draws are due to take place are included in the email updates.  The draws are independently observed by PwC / An Garda Siochana on behalf of all those entered.
The draws are weighted:  60% of tickets are allocated to households inside the event day cordon & 40% of tickets are allocated to households outside the event day cordon.
Presale Ticket Offers
A Concert Presale Offer is made available by the concert promoter to those who have registered their email address for the Community Ticket Scheme. This is at the discretion of the concert promoter and presale ticket offers along with concert ticket sales are the responsibility of the ticket agent. Croke Park is not involved in concert ticket sales. 

If you live within a 1.5km radius of Croke Park, you can register for The Croke Park Stadium Community Ticket Scheme.

Registration does not automatically entitle applicants to tickets, but to a place in the draw. This is a random draw so there is no guarantee that you will be successful; but we believe that every applicant should have an equal chance of success.

Once registered you are entered into draws for occasional ticket offers to concerts and matches. You will also receive regular match day updates from Croke Park and information about community events.

To be fair to all households in the area, multiple registrations from the same address will be considered ineligible and removed from the listing.

If you’re unsure, you can contact Croke Park to find out.

Once you have registered with the stadium, you are automatically entered into all ticket draws that take place.  

One member of each household can register as the primary householder & be included in the stadium’s ticket scheme in addition to receiving regular community and event day information by email. 

Up to 3 other members of a household can now also register with Croke Park to receive event & community information by email.

 The form can be filled in online here

To ensure transparancy and fairness an independent auditor from PwC and/or a member of An Garda Síochana observes each draw that takes place..

Ticket Winners - Under GDPR legislation it is not permissable to publish full details of the names and addresses of ticket winners, without their express permission. Published below are the street names where the ticket winners came from.

Tickets for the 2024 Concerts Series were won by residents from the following streets:

Inner Cordon:

Outer Cordon:

The following terms and conditions apply:
Only persons whose primary residence is in the stadium's 1.5km community area can register with the stadium for ticket offers.
All local resident tickets are marked not for resale and & can be traced back to the person who receives them.
Any attempt to sell tickets obtained through Croke Park will result in the tickets being automatically cancelled.  This will also result in disqualification from the database and exclusion from any future Croke Park ticket draw.

Complimentary concert tickets and the opportunity to purchase tickets for the All-Ireland Championship Finals are distributed by way of a draw amongst local residents who have registered with Croke Park. 

Draws are weighted in favour of households closest to the stadium with 60% of tickets allocated to households inside the stadium's event day cordon.  The remaining 40% of tickets are allocated to households outside the cordon.

Each draw is independently observed by an external auditor from PwC and/or a member of An Garda Síochana.


If you have a query in relation to the resident ticket scheme, please email [email protected]