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‘Trash Talking’ to our Visitors

Plastic glasses, bottles, cans, burger boxes, coffee cups, match day programmes & tickets... did you know that Croke Park generates over 700 tonnes of waste each year which is equivalent to 100 adult elephants.

With such numbers comes significant green responsibility and Croke Park takes its sustainability responsibilities very seriously - since 2014, all of Croke Park's waste has been diverted away from landfill to be recycled, composted or re-used as fuel.  

How Have We Done It?

There's over 70 three-ringed bins across all levels of the stadium with coded signage – red for general waste, green for mixed dry recyclables and brown for compostable items (food waste, paper handtowels, compostable packaging).

Croke Park staff have also become waste watchers and all mixed waste undergoes a special audit after each event to ensure waste is correctly separated and disposed of before it leaves the stadium.

Getting visitors and patrons involved was one of the challenges and ‘talking trash’ and explaining the sustainability objectives to visitors, was key to achieving the ambitious target.

Alongside all our other compostable cutlery & our 23 water bottle refill points in the stadium, we continue to step up to the challenge of reducing single-use plastic items in Croke Park.

An eye-catching poster campaign over the course of the season, highlights sustainability achievements reached with the support of stadium visitors and pecial messages are played on the big screens during matches and major events.

When you take that extra moment on match day to make sure you put your rubbish in the right bin, you are playing a big role in Croke Park keeping its impressive six-year recycling streak!  Go raibh maith agat!