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Get a piece of Croke Park turf for your club!

If your club is in need of turf for pitches and goalmouths, hybrid turf from our dedicated farm is now available to purchase.

Why Hybrid Turf?

  • The turf suits a variety of sports including Gaelic Games, Soccer and Golf.
  • Long-term solution e.g. 10-year+ life for stadium/training pitches and short-term solution, e.g. lay-and-play, turf replacement.
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Before and after of a goalmouth replaced with Croke Park Hybrid Turf

It is advised that you lay the turf within 24 hours of harvest and clubs will need to provide transport to collect the turf.

Each roll will be roughly 9m2 and will weigh in the region of 3/4 ton. If you are replacing one goal mouth, you will need four rolls measuring 1.25m x 7m as the width of the goal is 6.5m so you can cut the ends to size. The depth of the rolls will be roughly 45mm.

A typical sized goal mouth would cost approximately €2,100.

Enquire about Croke Park's hybrid turf today by completing our form below.

Enquire about Hybrid Turf

If you require bigger areas to replace, please include your measurements in metres squared so we can send the correct amount of turf.

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