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Sustainability Policy Statement


Páirc An Chrócaigh CTR is responsible for the management and operation of Croke Park Stadium as a brand of excellence. Our goal is to ensure that Croke Park remains the premier venue for GAA sporting events, conferences and major events.

Our commitment to the principles of sustainability is to offer sustainable solutions to any event held in the stadium, to ensure we meet and endeavour to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and interested parties. Croke Park is committed to the adoption and promotion of sustainability principles across all its business and community activities, including providing a safe and sustainable environment for customers, staff, contractors, and visitors to the stadium, as well as to its responsibilities as a member of the local community.


Croke Park recognises that the stadium and its associated events and activities have an impact on the environment, the economy and the community and is committed to promoting positive impacts while identifying and minimising any negative impacts. It is the policy of Croke Park to do all that is reasonable to ensure that key sustainability impacts relating to events, procurement, utilities, transport, employees, visitors, customers and the community in general are assessed and reviewed financially, socially and environmentally. Croke Park has a Mitigation and Creation Policy whereby any project must not only replace any bio-habitat damaged or destroyed during the build but must also create new habitat – e.g. green wall, tree planting etc. Croke Park will seek to promote the principles of stewardship, integrity, inclusivity and transparency and to share its learnings and experience.

Committed to the principal of best practice, the stadium is currently certified to the ISO 14001, ISO 20121, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 standards. Croke Park is committed to being a leader within the field of sustainability management; fulfilling all legal and regulatory, financial and social obligations; regularly evaluating compliance and maintaining documentation on operating procedures relating to key sustainability issues; providing training and information to all stakeholder groups. Stakeholders will be made aware of, and where required, trained in the application of this policy. Contractors and supply chain partners will be made aware of this policy and of their obligations to support policy in this area. Where possible, Croke Park will seek to identify positions and opportunities for stakeholders with disabilities and to support our principle of volunteerism.

Croke Park sets objectives and targets that ensure continual improvement in sustainability management. Areas include energy management and utilisation, water usage, managing waste and the prevention of pollution by managing stadium events and activities in a responsible manner.

Achieve: Increased knowledge of waste segregation procedures through online staff e-learning. Introduce eco-certified cleaning products on a staggered roll out based on increased stadium activity.
Reduce: Single use plastics through the promotion of the use of water refill stations installed throughout the stadium.
Communicate: Through the activities of the Stadium Green Team who continue to engage virtually and continuous support for the GAA’s National Green Club Programme.
Community & Social: Ensure effective community communications and ensure an active role within the local community via programmes such as the Croke Park Community Fund and “Neighbours helping Neighbours”. Cultivate local partnerships that support the development of the local community area.

Compliance with this policy is regularly evaluated and reported to Management by the Environmental, Sustainability & Safety Management Group. Management set an example and review progress with the combined efforts of all staff and contractors to strive for continual improvement.

Peadar Mac Cionnaith
Stadium & Commercial Director
November 2023