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Supporting World Ocean’s Day at Croke Park


World Oceans Day – Implications for Meetings & Events

World Oceans Day on Saturday 8 June is another timely reminder of our duty and responsibility to care for our planet and collaborate for a better future. As has been rightly said - there is no planet B!
The Ocean Project draws our attention to the global importance of our oceans and provides a unique opportunity to help protect and conserve our world’s shared ocean by drawing attention to the issue of plastic pollution which now generates 8 million tonnes of waste in our oceans every year.

Prevent Plastic Pollution

Meetings & Events and Single Use Plastics

Organisers of meetings & events tend to deploy more than their fair share of single-use plastics – think bottled water, pens, clingfilm for catering, disposal cutlery and so on.  At Croke Park Meetings & Events, we have been working on the management of single use plastics for a while.  We have:

  • replaced plastic water bottles with glass bottles
  • replaced plastic meetings stationary with recyclable versions
  • put stringent waste management practices in place.

Big Corporate Support for Meetings and Event Sustainability

We have had huge support for our sustainability initiatives and have secured events from some big global clients because of our sustainability credentials. All good for business which proves that when you do good, you do well - sustainability benefits everyone!

Other Sustainability Initiatives at Croke Park Meetings & Events

Management of single use plastics is only one of the ways we strive to offer genuinely sustainable meetings and events at Croke Park. Here are some others:

Energy awareness

  • PIR sensor installation for automatic lighting 
  • Lights and electrics only fully powered up when the event starts
  • Security conduct a full “power walk” each evening to make sure no AV/TV/catering equipment is left powered up
Greener on and off the pitch


  • Managing waste segregation and recycling
  • Partnership with Irish company Recreate to “salvage clean, reusable materials from businesses and distribute them … for free and in unlimited quantities for creative reuse in all kinds of inventive ways”

Compostable waste

  • Single use cups are 100% compostable
  • Partnership with Thornton’s Recycling for food and grass waste which is made available for stadium farm and local community compost.


  • Seasonal menu specials are planned to include produce from our farm
Thankfully there’s a strong and positive ground swell of support across the entire meetings and events industry around sustainable practices. If “green meetings and events” is a topic that interests you as much as it does us, then we highly recommend that you download this guide - New Sustainable Event Management (2018 Edition): A Free Guide to Better Green Meetings

Keep our blue plant and its amazing inhabitants in mind when planning your events and contact us if we can help you.

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