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Connectivity & AV

At Croke Park Meetings and Events we understand your need for seamless connectivity and quality audio visual event experiences. 


We offer HD WiFi throughout our meeting and event spaces.
Available at no additional cost to guests or organisers, you can remain connected at all times and enjoy the fastest venue broadband and easiest real-time access in the country.
  • Ultra-fast high-density WiFi free for all clients
  • Infrastructure to support more than 27,000 people or 40,000 devices simultaneously
  • Uncontended 400 Mbps service for every client
  • Open access for fast, simple WiFi logon
  • 394 WiFi access points supported by 2 diverse active links to the eir Next Generation Network at 1 Gbps
  • High-availability architecture with complete hardware and software redundancy
  • Connected to a 10Gbps backbone network built for resilience
  • Network uses the latest wireless standard future-proofed to support the newest devices (802.11ac)

No other venue in Ireland offers better WiFi speed and reliability

From developer conferences to virtual events with large remote audiences or bandwidth-hungry streaming media, you can host even the most tech-intensive event at Croke Park with confidence. A high-performance internal backbone is operated to guarantee reliability.



eduroam is an education roaming service that allows research and educational service users to access wireless networks authenticated by their educational institutions. It provides secure wireless access via hotspots in thousands of locations around the world including Croke Park. 

Audio Visual


Croke Park has a fully integrated IPTV system for the display of digital content across 280 HD screens within the stadium and two external big screens. The system can schedule and display images, slideshows, TV channels, video and can also live stream from room to room at large events.


Large event spaces feature high spec laser projectors including 16k lumen Panasonic projectors in the Hogan suite. These projectors are part of our IPTV system which can schedule and display digital content.

AV Partner

Our AV partner AVCOM is one of the best in the business and operates as our onsite partner providing a full service, world class AV offering to our clients. 


Large event spaces feature an Almotech Music System offering the rull range of music scheduling of from pop to rock, jazz to classical and we even have our own GAA playlist!

Lighting System

The Hogan Suite and Mezzanine feature state-of-the-art lighting systems offering client customised LED colour sync and full disco display!

Wireless Presentation System

Our All-Star suites and large event suites feature Kramer integrated wireless presentation systems for seamless presentations from your device.