Croke Park’s Sustainable Food Journey


Sustainable Food Sourcing and Disposal at Croke Park

We take sustainability as seriously as our sports here at Croke Park Meetings & Events and are on track to be recognised as a world leader in sustainable catering for events. Here’s what our Executive Chef, Ruairi Boyce has to say about sustainable catering at Croke Park 

“there’s one golden thread linking everything: the provenance of our product. It’s all sourced as locally as possible from suppliers with whom we’re on first name terms. Farm to fork may be a bit of a gastronomic cliché but it’s the aspiration and inspiration for all we do”.

We’ve come a long way since we introduced you to some of our local food suppliers from Boyne Valley Blue Cheese ​to Forage-fed Turkeys. While we continue to source as locally as possible, we are now food producers in our own right. Here’s Ruairi explaining the virtuous cycle that we’ve now achieved with food waste generating the very compost in which we now grow our own vegetables:

Sustainable Food Preparation & Service at Croke Park

But it doesn’t end there! With sustainable food sourcing and production projects in place, we’re now focusing on food preparation and service. As Ruairi explains here we have sourced a full range of products that’ll ensure fully sustainable service and we’re currently on a mission to eliminate single use plastics in food preparation.

Croke Park’s Annual Sustainability Day

Mark Noonan and Shauna Conroy from the Meetings & Events team are on the green committee to represent the meetings & events team

The Meetings & Events team will be enthusiastic contributors to the stadium’s first annual Sustainability Day when Team Croke Park’s commitment to sustainability and biodiversity across all aspects of its operations will be recognised and celebrated. You’ve already been introduced to the bugs and bees who live freely at the stadium and on our farm. In recognition of our profound commitment to sustainable practices we’re proud to launch our very own honey on Saturday 27 July for Croke Park’s annual Sustainability Day

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