Simple Meetings at Croke Park


What are Simple Meetings?

Simple Meetings is a relatively new term used by organisers of meetings and events to describe what should be a straightforward meeting booking process …  simple, right!  But are simple meetings really simple?

These meetings are generally small-capacity, single day events that do not require other services such as accommodation, transportation, agency support or on-site meeting planning services.

They’re simple events for which a meeting room is required for a couple of hours, half day or a full day with coffee breaks, maybe lunch and minimal AV.

The lived experience of meeting room bookers is that simple meetings can involve a long RFP booking process with multiple calls and emails to venues, a wait for proposals, time spent comparing proposals and a contract process akin to buying your first home!   

Another issue is that simple meeting spend can be difficult to track. They’re often invisible, contracted outside standard corporate procurement protocols by teams across the organisation.

How to Manage Booking Time & Track Spend

Croke Park Meetings & Events has a solution to make simple meetings, simple!

We are working with, an Irish company that’s disrupting the global meetings and events marketplace with an on-line platform aimed at transforming the sourcing of simple meetings from a slow manual process to a fast, efficient online experience.

With no more than a couple of mouse clicks you can have your meeting booked and confirmed in 5 steps:
  • Go to

  • Check availability for preferred date, numbers and duration of meeting

  • Browse venue options and select

  • Add catering, AV

  • Book, pay and confirm – Done!

Now that’s a simple meeting!

And there’s more. Research has shown that up to 80% of corporate meetings organised by corporations are, in fact, simple meetings. If you are a large corporation with a large volume of simple meetings, can provide a customised platform so that all spend on meetings can captured and tracked. – making meetings really simple

Elements of business travel and accommodation booking have long lived online but this last offline transaction around the discovery, sourcing and booking of meeting rooms has now been automated. As a meeting planner it means you can immediately access a wide range of unique venues, view pricing online and access offers loaded by venues on the platform. Not only do you save booking time you can often save on your meeting costs! includes over 125,000 meeting spaces around the world. 48% of bookings on go to traditional hotels but many take place in alternative venues such as business centres, co-working spaces, museums and stadiums, such as Croke Park!
Go online now and discover just how simple it is to book your next simple meeting at Croke Park with  

Here are 5 reasons to use
  1. Real time access to meeting room availability

  2. Real time access to rates

  3. Real time ordering – payment – confirmation

  4. Book all extras -  catering and AV

  5. Save precious time – everything a mouse click away


Visit for any meeting room enquiries or contact our team on +353 1 8192300 or email us if there’s anything else we can help you with.