Our Year in Numbers | 18 of 2018.


These days it’s data, data, data!  We know the impact of meetings and events goes way beyond numbers but it is very powerful to remind ourselves of the positives so here’s a number narrative - Our 18 of 2018.

1. 3 Event Industry Awards 

Best in-house Events team for the third consecutive year, Best Conference for our Event of the Future and Best Event Caterer for our partners Aramark at Croke Park.  Still glowing with pride!

2. 1,836 Meetings & Events

We’re busy bees at Croke Park Meetings & Events hosting an average of 5 events per day.

3. 129,511 Delegates

We were delighted to welcome you all!

4. New Team Members

We needed more busy bees!! Thrilled to welcome Shauna, Mark, Orla to the team.

5. 8 Client Treat Days & Hospitality Events 

We like to show our appreciation for your business as often as we can.

6. 5 Years Zero Waste to Landfill 

Very proud of this achievement and our environmental sustainability journey continues apace with new initiatives including no to single use plastics and paperless meetings.

7. 40,000 HD Wi-Fi Device Capacity 

Availability of great WiFi is now a hygiene factor like electricity and running water but you won’t get this capacity in many venues!


8. 3,000 Attended Our Largest Conference

We can accommodate a lot of delegates on level 5!


9. Best In-House Events Team

Worth mentioning twice! Our busy bees taking home this award for 3 consecutive years!

10. 615 Sales Calls / Sites / FAMS

There’s nothing like meeting the team and checking out the place for yourself, right. The kettle is always on here!


11. 12 Trade Events

We love telling our story overseas and participating with our colleagues in Meet in Ireland and Dublin Convention Bureau at trade events in the UK, Europe and beyond.


12. 9 Team Fun Days

We’ll say it again, we’re busy bees, but we do know how to have fun!!


13. 20 Years of the GAA Museum 

The GAA Museum celebrated 20 years and now offers a range of tours and events from summer schools to Santa and is a “must see” attraction in Dublin and a key part of event organisers itineraries.   


14. 4-in-a-Row For Dublin

Dubs make up the majority of the meetings & events team here at Croke Park. Can we make the magical 5 successful football championship wins in a row?  


15. 45 Year Wait Over in Limerick

And hearty congrats to Limerick for culminating an amazing season of hurling with a mighty win!

16. 1 New Farm

RuairĂ­ and the kitchen team are very excited about all the sustainable produce we’re planning at our new farm… including some actual bees! 

17. 3 Concerts

We had Taylor Swift, Michael Buble and a inspiringly energetic performance from those superannuated septuagenarians, The Rolling Stones.

18. 25 Match Days

Meetings and events may be our sandbox, but the raison d’etre for Croke Park is match days ranging from passionate club finals to pulsating inter-country affairs.


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