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Beyond Limits

Event Summary

Delegates: 1000+

Event: Summit for Young People with Disabilities

Sector: Domestic Association

Date: 19th October 2019

Organised by the Ombudsman for Children, Beyond Limits was a summit aimed at shining a light on the accomplishments and the opportunities open to young people with disabilities.  It was the first event of its kind in Ireland and broadcast live on RTÉ News Now and streamed live on the Ombudsman for Children’s Office Facebook page.

This innovative and inspiring event featured a main stage, exhibition floor with over 40 exhibitors, and pitch level activities – all designed to giving the children in attendance the best experience possible. 

Specific Requirements & Solutions

  • Catering - With over 1,000 persons to cater for, service points were set up across level 4, allowing attendees engage with catering at flexible times. Choices were creative, age appropriate and incorporated options to cater for physical diversity.  Sustainability was an important factor with reusable bottles distributed on arrival and bottle refill stations located throughout the venue.
  • Floor Movement Logistics – Croke Park is a fully accessible venue, one of few that could accommodate the high number of wheelchair users in attendance.  Logistics were planned on a morning and afternoon session basis.  All delegates were registered at the ground floor and directed from there to main stage floor or exhibition floors.  From the exhibition floor they could access the stand to view the sporting activities on our famous Croke Park pitch and later use ramps to access the main stage session. Movement between levels was carefully planned to avoid over-crowding or bottle necks. 
  • Seating plansSpecific seating charts and movement routes for wheelchair users were developed. The seating plan had varying colours and section numbers, allowing ease of movement, entry and egress and allowing enough space in each aisle for access and turning.
  • Inclusivity for all – Croke Park is committed to inclusivity for all and now has a full time GAA Inclusion and Diversity Officer as part of the team.  Enhancing the health, safety, comfort, and enjoyment of visitors with extra support and access requirements is part of our event planning and was at the fore for the Beyond Limits event.  Sensory rooms, furniture, quite areas, elevator programming were all considerations for the delegates.    


The event was a great success as shared by event organisers, speakers and contributors here.


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