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Seasonal Cooking at Croke Park


Chef Ruairí is keeping busy looking after staff and students of the RCSI at their satellite campus at Croke Park and he's made time to share some seasonal cooking inspiration and demonstrate just how easy it is to make jam.

Foraging at the Croke Park Farm

Foraging, or gathering wild food for free, was a way of life for many in bygone eras and has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity again in recent years. Ruairí remembers picking blackberries and helping his Granny make jams and preserves - a time honoured tradition that lives on! 

Blackberries are easy to identify and can be found around the country in woods, hedges, roadside verges, and maybe even your own garden. On a recent visit to the Croke Park farm, Ruairí got stuck into a bit of old-fashioned foraging and found some rich rewards!

And who knew you could eat Dandelions?  These slightly bitter wildflowers are edible and delicious.  They can be eaten in salads, stir-fries or soups, or even used to make dandelion syrup or wine.

Check out this great Beginners Guide to Foraging and 5 Things to Forage

Blackberry Jam

Blackberries are perfect for fruit compotes, berry pies or you can just freeze them for use in smoothies, juices and desserts throughout the Winter. Ruairi got straight to work with his patch of berries for blackberry jam. Check out the fruits of his labour here.

We’ll be ready when the time is right to cater for your events at Croke Park. In the meantime, keep cooking and carry on!

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