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Tips for Your Green Christmas


Christmas can be such a time of conspicuous consumption that sustainability often gets packed up and dispatched on vacation to avoid the inconvenient kill joy. This needn’t happen as sustainability can and should be as integral to our Christmas celebrations as festive food, Home Alone and XmasFM!

Sustainable Christmas Tree

Trees play a huge role in sustainability. They absorb excess carbon dioxide (CO2) building up in our atmosphere and contributing to climate change and store it while releasing oxygen back into the air.

This year, our Croke Park tree came from Wicklow Xmas Trees, a company that has been growing sustainable Christmas trees for four generations. Before its arrival at the stadium, this tree sucked up about a ton of CO2 and it has been replaced by three saplings back in Wicklow in accordance with sustainable yield management promoted by the Irish Forestry Service. The company only delivers within a 65km radius of where the trees have been grown and after Christmas, the tree will be reused as part of the Croke Park Community Recycling Project.

Sustainable Decorations

Decorating the Christmas Tree needs careful consideration and it's imporant to reuse decorations or if investing in new ones, consider natural materials.  Our friends at Vinehall Displays have beautiful handcrafted wooden ornaments. These can last generations and become treasured heirlooms. Local forest, park, or beach walks can also yield treasures such as pine cones and shells which can be strung and hung!  

Switch to LED lights

LED lights use as little as 1 per cent of the power burned up by traditional Christmas lights and indoor lights can last up to 100k hours! And the really good news - if a bulb breaks the others keep on working!! You can further consolidate your Christmas sustainability resolve by adding a timer switch so that the merry twinkle of the tree is not forced to work over-time.
This year there’s been a massive increase in outdoor, external decoration. It seems we’re collectively determined to bring light and joy into the pandemic darkness that we’ve been living through! If you’re considering outdoor lights, then consider solar powered lights. You’ll recoup the initial outlay by the end of the Christmas period and have free light to infinity and beyond!

So, while we continue to dream of a white Christmas, you can control your green Christmas so do your best and have fun with conscientious choices. Check out these great tips and helpful suggestions for a more sustainable Christmas from the Irish Times.

Merry Christmas decorating from all the team at Croke Park Meetings & Events

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