Humans of Croke Park #HOCP


Julie Manahan, Marketing Manager, Croke Park Meetings & Events

This place is full of magical moments and I have a treasure trove of memories.  Here are just a few very special events:  
The energy and emotion of athletes, families, volunteers and organisers on an unforgettable midsummers evening for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2003.
The sense of pride and spine tingling anticipation and the respectful observance of anthems at the Six Nations Ireland v England game in 2007.
A spectacular light and firework show that lit up a cool January night sky after the Dublin v Tyrone Allianz League match to celebrate 125 years of the GAA in 2009.  
The success of the Event of the Future, a brilliant industry event our Meetings & Events team brought to Croke Park in 2017. 
The stadium continues to develop and the team has flourished.  I'm proud to be part of it.  #TeamCrokePark #HOCP
What Croke Park moments do you treasure?

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