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07/05/2019Meetings and Events

Key Meetings & Events Venue Selection Criteria

6 key things event planners want from a meetings and events venue

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17/04/2019Meetings and Events

Introducing our Bugs & Bees at Croke Park

Meet our Bugs and Bees and learn more about biodiversity at Croke Park

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09/04/2019Meetings and Events

Meeting Rooms with a Difference

The latest trend in meetings and events - impactful, edgy spaces with a difference!

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26/03/2019Meetings and Events

How to select the right meeting room - 5 questions you need to ask

If meeting room booking is part of your role, here are 5 questions to ask to ensure you find the most suitable space.

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12/03/2019Meetings and Events

Meeting Design: How to configure venue space and delight your attendees

Meeting design tips to help you organise and deliver brilliant meeting outcomes.

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18/12/2018Meetings and Events

Our Year in Numbers | 18 of 2018.

A Year in numbers. 18 of 2018.

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27/11/2018Meetings and Events

Simple Meetings at Croke Park

How to make simple meeting room bookings really simple!

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19/10/2018Meetings and Events

Paperless Meetings at Croke Park

Paperless Meetings and the sustainability team spirit at Croke Park

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