Bloody Sunday Tours

The GAA Museum remembers the tragedy of Bloody Sunday 1920 with special commemorative guided tours of Croke Park.

On 21st November 1920, Dublin played Tipperary in a ‘great challenge football match’ in Croke Park.  Although tensions in the city were high after events of the previous night when 14 undercover British agents were assassinated by members of Michael Collins’ ‘Squad’, the match went ahead at 3.15pm.  Eye-witness accounts suggest that five minutes after the throw-in the stadium was raided by the Crown forces and shooting broke out. In all, 14 people died, including Tipperary player Michael Hogan, and over 80 were injured.

Museum tour guides will recall the history of events in Croke Park on Sunday 21st November 1920 during this special hour-long tour. The tour is formed of both the Stadium Tour and the Ericsson Skyline Tour, exploring the stadium and looking out on the pitch where the tragedy occurred, as well as looking out over the capital on the Ericsson Skyline where major events took place on what became known as Bloody Sunday.
Tours are scheduled every Saturday at 11am from Saturday 24th November. Spaces are limited and booking in advance is recommended. The tour incorporates the Ericsson Skyline, please refer here to see the Skyline information.