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Library and Archive Reading Room Rules

The holdings of the GAA Library and Archive are unique, fragile and often irreplaceable; for that reason alone the following rules must be obeyed at all times:

General Rules

The Libray and Archive reading room is open to researchers on Mondays and Tuesdays only. Prior appointment is essential.

Archives are copyright protected and must not be reproduced or published without the written consent of the GAA Library and Archive.

No ink, tip-ex, food, drink etc can be brought into the reading room. The only items allowed are notepads, pencils and lap-tops.

In the interest of security no bags, overcoats, folders etc are permitted in the reading room.

Mobile phones, headphones etc must be turned off.

Under no circumstances are notes, comments, corrections, footnotes etc to be made to any of the documents. To do so will result in immediate eviction and possible criminal damages.

Under no circumstances are documents to be removed from the reading room by any researcher.

Gloves must be worn by researchers when requested by the archivist (usually when photographic/print material is being handled)

Book stands/rests must be used when requested by the archivist (usually when consulting bound volumes with a delicate spine)

The reading room closes for one hour for lunch (generally 1pm-2pm but at the discretion of the archivist); under no circumstances will researchers be allowed to remain in the reading room during lunch hour.


Photocopying is not available in the GAA Library and Archive Reading Room. Digital photographs of items can be taken, with the prior permission of the archivist.