Welcome back to Croke Park

We are looking forward to welcoming supporters back and have been working hard to make the stadium as safe as possible for you.

When it comes to keeping everyone safe from Covid-19 on match days– we’re all on the same team. If you’re coming to Croke Park, we need you to also play your part and follow the new supporter code of conduct at all times.

In this new section of the website, we’re sharing the latest match day information you need to know and answering the questions you may have before coming to a match in Croke Park this summer.

To make sure everyone coming to Croke Park has a safe and enjoyable day – make sure everyone in your match day team understands the new spectator code of conduct before arriving & we look forward to seeing you soon.

Essential Health & Wellbeing Checks

If you or anyone in your household or support bubble has any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been asked to self-isolate, please stay at home.

Please remember that you are responsible for your own health. Staff have worked very hard to make the stadium as safe as possible and we are looking forward to welcoming supporters back through the turnstiles this summer, but there is still a risk so each spectator must make their own assessment as to whether they should go to the match.

Make sure make sure everyone in your match day team understands the new spectator code of conduct before arriving in the stadium.

Play your part and help keep everyone safe by downloading the HSE Covid tracker app

Read our Health & Wellbeing FAQ's


This summer, tickets are strictly non-transferable as this will impact on the contact tracing measures that may need to be carried out by public health authorities. 

Tickets will only be on sale at ticketmaster.ie.  Please ensure to check and read all terms and conditions before you purchase your ticket.

They will not be on sale in retail units and it won’t be possible to buy tickets on the day at ticket vans or ticket offices.

If you are not well or have been asked to self-isolate, you can contact the GAA Ticket office to arrange a refund, email [email protected]. Requests for refunds must be done in advance. Refunds will not be facilitated on the day or after the game.

There will be new arrangements for entry and exit times in place for all matches this summer. Make sure to follow the instructions on your ticket and the instructions of stadium safety stewards when arriving and leaving the ground.

Read our Ticketing FAQ's

Planning Your journey

Plan your journey to and from the stadium well in advance.

There are a number of ways to get to and from the stadium including walking, cycling, by car or public transport. For more information on getting to Croke Park see: Find out more here.

Remember always follow the latest guidelines in relation to using public transport.

Please arrive at least one hour before throw-in – this allows good time for the new entry checks at the stadium. Searches will be in operation so the less you bring with you on the day, the quicker you will gain entrance.

Supporters can now bring in water or soft drinks in sealed bottles that are up to 500ml in size.  Empty reusable water bottles that can be filled at the water fountains throughout the stadium can also be brought into the stadium.

After the match, don’t let your guard drop.  Make your way safely home and do not gather with other supporters where social distancing and hospitality guidelines are not being followed.

Read our Journey Planning FAQ's

In The Stadium

Please observe social distancing in Croke Park. Be careful when passing other people in the stadium & avoid face-to-face contact with other supporters – pass with your back to them.

Wear a face covering in the stadium at all times – even when you are in your seat.If you are exempt from wearing a face-covering, you can collect a face-covering exemption lanyard from the customer care points in the outer and Inner Cusack concourse.

Every supporter needs to have a ‘safe pair of hands’; so make sure to wash them thoroughly and use sanitiser regularly. There are sanitisation stations throughout the stadium, but we’d encourage all supporters to bring their own too.

And remember, always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and avoid hugs, high fives, and any other contact with other spectators at the match outside your support bubble. Always take care when celebrating & be sensible when you are shouting, cheering, or singing.

Remember, please stay in your seat as much as possible during the match and when you need to leave, wait till the aisle is clear. Always follow the stadium signs and any instructions you get from our safety stewards on the day.

At all times, listen and follow any safety instructions in the stadium – including over the PA, from our stadium safety stewards or on the big screens.

Nearly all payments inside Croke Park are now contactless.

There are a limited number of Grab & Go food and beverage options available for supporters, but no alcohol will be on sale.

Croke Park is now a smoke free campus. Smoking and vaping are no longer permitted in the stadium

Read our Inside The Stadium FAQ's

Supporter Code Of Conduct

To help protect you and your fellow supporters, and to assist our staff and stewards, you are kindly requested to follow the guidelines below in relation to the management of Covid-19 in Croke Park Stadium.

Read our Supporter Code of Conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

In advance of visiting Croke Park, please be aware of our safety procedures and plan accordingly. Read our full FAQ's below.

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