Croke Park Community Fund Terms & Conditions 2018

The Community Fund is administered for Croke Park by an independent committee on behalf of the stadium and the following terms and conditions apply:

1. Applications are only accepted from bona fide community/resident/voluntary organisations that are based within the stadium’s 1.5km catchment area.  Applications are also considered from small groups of residents who come together in an informal or annual basis to organise local events or activities in their area.
2. In every instance, 80% of the project’s beneficiaries must be usually resident within the stadium’s catchment area.
3. Applications must be submitted in advance of costs being incurred. The Fund will not consider costs already incurred. Applicants are advised to submit the documentation as early as possible for time-specific projects.
4. There are four rounds of funding in 2018. Closing dates for applications for each round of funding in 2018 are as follows:
  1. For community projects that must take place between January and March 2018, the closing date for applications is 5pm on Monday, 27 November 2017.
  2. For community projects that must take place between April and June 2018, the closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday, 2 February 2018.
  3. For projects that must take place between July and September 2018, the closing date for applications is 5pm on Wednesday, 9 May 2018.
  4. For projects that must take place between October and December 2018, the closing date for applications is 5pm on Wednesday, 29 August 2018.
5. Applications received after the closing date for any round of funding are not accepted.
6. No project will be given 100% of its costs. 
7. Funding can be applied for any initiative/project/programme/ activity/equipment/facility which is a one off. Ongoing costs/overheads/ administration costs are not eligible. 
8. The Community Fund will only consider one application from any organisation/group in each year. 
9. Approval of funds does not create a precedent that the same or similar applications will receive funds in subsequent years. 
10. No organisation or group will receive funding for the same event or programme for more than three years.  An exception will be made for local voluntary groups seeking support to organise community based events.
11. Applications seeking support for the following activities are not eligible for consideration:
  • Activities that have started or have any expenditure incurred before funding is confirmed
  • Applications from private, profit-making, or commercial organisations
  • National charities
  • Projects or activities where there is a clear statutory or public services responsibility (including funding for core school functions & classroom materials)
  • Salary or routine administration costs e.g. rent, utilities, insurance
  • Items that mainly benefit individuals (sports clothing/uniforms etc.), where there is no evidence of wider community engagement
  • Individuals (e.g. for personal sponsorship). 
  • Projects promoting religious or political beliefs
12. Applications must be submitted on the standard application form for 2018 only, together with requested documents and any other information which will assist the Fund Committee in making their decision. Completed application forms can be posted to Community Fund, Croke Park Stadium, Jones Road, Dublin 3 or emailed to [email protected]
13. All fully completed application forms will be acknowledged and clarification/additional information may be sought. 
14. Incomplete or poorly completed forms, especially where required documentation is not submitted, will be returned to applicants to re-work. All questions must be completed. If you require assistance with your application please contact Julianne Savage, the Croke Park Community Fund Administrator on 01-865 8607 or [email protected]
15. The Fund Committee may seek to meet with the applicants directly or through representatives/an assessor to more fully understand the application. 
16. Successful applicants have one year from the date of approval in which to draw down funds in no more than two tranches and based on submission of original receipts only for items included in the application. 
17. Before funds can be drawn down a report, preferably including photos and/or video, on the project activities and outcomes must be submitted.
18. The Fund Committee reserve the right to carry out an audit of expenditure in a reasonable timeframe after the granting of funds. 
19. Successful applicants may be required to take part in promotional activities undertaken by Croke Park to generate greater awareness of the Fund throughout the Croke Park Community.  Any material created for promotional purposes shall be owned by Croke Park.
20. Successful applicants must acknowledge the Croke Park Community Fund in their own promotional outreach and communications and the Community Fund logo must be used in a prominent place (and be sized in proportion to the level of the contribution in comparison with other benefactors)  on all materials produced in relation to the project.  All references must be pre-approved by Julianne Savage in Croke Park prior to print or publication by email [email protected]
21. For capital projects, a permanent plaque must be displayed in a position agreed with the Fund. 
22. For events, you must display Community Fund banners, posters and other promotional material are available from Croke Park and must be returned after the event and prior to the issuing of any funds. 
23. Failure to comply with these acknowledgement requirements may lead to a reduction in, or withdrawal of, funds. 
24. Canvassing by applicants will automatically result in their application being rejected.
25. The Fund Committee’s decision is final.