Summer Safely

Sergeant Ray Murphy from the community policing team in Mountjoy Garda Station has shared this helpful advice with us for home and holiday safety over the coming summer months.

Vehicle Safety
  1. At night, park in well-lit locations when possible
  2. Always lock your car! After activating the alarm, manually check your car is locked
  3. Remember!  Always take your property with you - never leave your property on view or unattended in your car or a work vehicle

Home Safety
  1. Secure all doors and windows in your home – almost 1 in 4 Summer-time burglaries involve entry through an unsecured access point
  2. Store keys safely and away from windows and letterboxes
  3. Record details of valuables and don’t keep large cash amounts at home
  4. Use your alarm, even when you’re at home
  5. Whether you’re at home or going out in the evening, turn on some lights & use timer switches if necessary

Holiday Safety
  1. Ask a trusted neighbour or family member to conduct frequent checks of your property at different times of the day to note any signs of trespassing or interference
  2. Check all doors and windows are secure.before you leave
  3. Ensure the house alarm is set before you go
  4. Install timers on internal lights and motion detectors on external lights to make your home appear occupied - this offers natural surveillance of your property
  5. Ask a neighbour to collect post
  6. Let your local Garda station know about your home being vacant to afford passing attention on patrols

Social Media Safety
If you are going on holiday this summer and your home is going to be vacant - whether it's an overnight trip or a few weeks away - be mindful of what you post on social media!  Even if you have enabled strict privacy settings on your social media accounts, your holiday plans could still be shared with unscrupulous people.

  1. Don't post status updates about your holidays while you're still away
  2. Don't post pictures while you're away
  3. Respect other people’s privacy.  Don't tag others while you and they are on holidays
  4. Avoid posting about any upcoming travel plans
  5. Consider turning off the location sharing setting of your phone's camera app

Please remember:  in an emergency always dial 999/112

You should use this service if a crime or incident is happening now or if anyone is in immediate danger. 

For non-emergency or general enquiries, local residents should contact their local garda station

  • Mountjoy Garda Station:  01 666 8600 
  • Store Street Garda Station:  01 666 8000
  • Bridewell Garda Station:  01 666 8200
  • Santry Garda Station:  01 666 4000
  • Clontarf Garda Station:  01 666 4800