5 Reasons to Book a Shared Christmas Party


There’s something a bit sad about the 10 of you trying desperately to ignite the dying spark of the Christmas spirit from your 5 x 2-seater tables jammed together in that dark corner of the restaurant. The cheap coloured hats and crackers add an air of silent desperation and leave you regretting you didn’t book the alternative – that shared Christmas party table!

Shared Christmas parties are perfect for smaller teams, departments or companies that want to be part of a big Christmas party bash. The good news is that there’s a great selection of shared Christmas party nights available in Dublin this year – check out some great suggestions from Venues Search.

Here are 5 reasons to book your shared Christmas party night now and avoid any Christmas flops!

1. Take the stress out of Christmas Party planning

Planning a private Christmas event for large numbers is one thing but for a small number of colleagues it doesn’t make sense to have to work through party theming, décor and the range of entertainment options. You want a fabulous event without feeling like you’re planning a wedding! Let the event and party planning experts do their thing and present a perfect turnkey Christmas party solution that everyone will enjoy!

2. Be part of that big Christmas Party buzz

There’s something wonderful about scale and volume and being part of that big party buzz - like being at a festival carried away on that endless wave of celebration, lost in the moment, channeling that wonderful Christmas spirit. At Croke Park, there’s a real sense of that festive occasion when you arrive at the Hogan Suite transformed for the season into a chic Christmas party venue.

3. More Christmas Party options

The range of party options available is testament to how well shared Christmas Parties work. At Croke Park Meetings & Events our Sparkle Party Nights have booked out every year with brilliant feedback about our party hosts, band and DJ from guests.

4. Make festive friends!

If ever there was a time of year to validate the phrase “no strangers here, only friends who have yet to meet” it’s definitely Christmas! It’s the time of year when everyone – even your ever-grumpy assistant bookkeeper – is in good form. Shared Christmas party nights (or lunchtimes!) bring you and your colleagues together with other small and medium sized parties, all in pursuit of the big Christmas buzz. It’s a wonderful time to make new friends!

5. Great Value!

Shared Christmas party nights also offer more bang for your buck.  At Croke Park you can look forward to a welcome drinks reception, 4-course meal, MC, live band and DJ for the all-inclusive rate of €75 per person.  

Make it happen with an email or call to Shauna on +353 (0)1 8192311 and let Croke Park help bring your team Christmas Party to life.

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