Premium Ticket Policy

To ensure that all premium level patrons have an enjoyable experience on match day we have a number of ticket policies in place. We would advise that you ensure you are familiar with these policies.

To avoid disappointment please adhere to the guidelines.

  • All persons including infants and children require a ticket to premium & suite level. Croke Park Stadium adheres to the Code of Practise for Safety at Sports Grounds as set out by the Dept. of Education (1996). The Ingress guidelines states that major sporting organisations should adopt and enforce a firm ticket policy of one ticket one person, one admission charge one person. This is a basic safety requirement.

  • Premium level tickets cannot be purchased on a match per match basis and as such cannot be purchased on match day. The only method available for premium tickets purchases is via the online Ticket Exchange which is accessible by all ticket holders with a valid login & password. Up to 4 tickets can be purchased where available. If you have any queries on the Ticket Exchange please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Ticket issues that arise between 5pm on Friday and match day are dealt with in a timely manner before turnstiles open. Should an issue arise after this time we will endeavour to assist you.
  • Ticket reprints can only happen on the written instruction of the ticket holder before turnstiles open.
  • Please note once a premium ticket reprint is issued, all other versions of the ticket are invalid and will not be accepted for entry regardless of circumstances.
  • Should you sell your premium ticket on the ticket exchange, your original tickets are no longer valid and will not be accepted for entry.
  • Ticket Barcodes are only valid once. Therefore should photocopy/duplicate prints of premium tickets be presented – only one patron (first arrival) will be granted access
  • All premium ticket collections are from the ticket office at Gills Corner on the North Circular Road, not from the premium entrance on Jones Road Please note that these policies will be adhered to by all match day staff members without exception.


Queries about the above should be sent to [email protected]