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We're buzzing about our latest trophy!

Croke Park was delighted to be the Green Entertainment and Tourism Award Winner at the 2019 Green Awards held recently.  Here’s some members of our sustainability team celebrating our win alongside some other very famous silverware here in the stadium!
Here are our top five facts about why Croke Park continues to be a ‘game changer’ when it comes to sustainability:
  1.  Move over Dublin – Croke Park has its very own impressive five in a row when it comes to diverting all our waste away from landfill.  We’ve done that now since 2014! Every year, we also focus on increasing our overall recycling rates; this year’s we’re aiming to break 80%
  1. Never mind Sam and Liam, the cups our sustainability team are the most excited about are our compostable coffee and tea cups. We introduced them in 2018, alongside all our other compostable cutlery as we continue to step up to the challenge of reducing single-use plastic items here in the stadium
  1. We’ve more than one hawk-eye in Croke Park as we use harrier hawks to keep birds from landing in the stadium during our events.  The hawks stop seagulls and other birds taking rubbish out of the ground and dropping in our local area, causing a litter problem.
  1. Croke Park has its very own neighbourhood watch.  We believe our community team, which is made up entirely of our local neighbours is the only team of its kind.  They work during every event, helping their neighbours and keeping watch on our local area.
  1. We’re buzzing about our latest bio-diversity project.  Watch this space for Croke Park Honey, launching this summer!