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Our GREENER on and off the pitch initiative was set up to tackle the environmental impact our stadium has both on match and non match days.

We need your help to ensure that this initiative is a success so we ask you to think twice before you throw away your rubbish when you are at the stadium.

What bin?

Sometimes it's confusing to know which bin to dispose of your waste, so we have tried to make your decision easier. Our bins are all colour coded to help you make the right choice, here is a quick reminder.

Brown bins: Compostable waste including food, paper napkins, handtowels and salt/pepper/sugar sachets.  Remember dispose of food in this bin, not the wrapper it comes in!

Green bins: Dry recyclables include match tickets, match programmes and empty plastic bottles. Remember to empty bottles of liquids before it goes into the bin.

Red bins: All other waste.

To read more about GREENER on and off the pitch check out our Sustainability section