Catering in Croke Park


The catering team at Croke Park work with a carefully selected team of top Irish food suppliers to prepare a variety of menu options for all those attending events at Croke Park.  

The Eighteen84 units are the quick service restaurants within the stadium selling a mix of hot food, snacks and hot & cold beverages. These units mix the history and tradition of the GAA with a contemporary design. The name is inspired by the formation date of the Association and these units are a living ‘scrapbook’ of legends who have performed at Croke Park and GAA legends since the organisation’s formation.


Leather & Ash is the café offer on public level comprising of sandwiches, snacks and hot & cold beverages. The name for the Leather & Ash units was derived from the ancient games played with leather and ash that have made the GAA and Croke Park famous. The design for the units incorporates these two materials and the imagery shows players past and present playing the two games with ash hurls and leather balls.


The Crossbar units are the bar offer on public level selling both alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. The design for these units are of a modern Irish bar. The traditional tiled fascias of our pubs and bars around the country are represented in a contemporary style.


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